The Ice Cream Making Process

From the cows to the milk to the ice cream, it's a fun and fulfilling process, but one that we needed training to achieve. To learn to make our delicious ice cream and sorbet, we attended courses at the National Dairy Industry School (Ecole Nationale de l'Industrie Laitière) in Poligny, Italy. Here, we studied with colleagues who began just as we did, not far from Turin. Later, we took courses from Carpigianie, the company who makes our ice cream machines, where we learned to maximize our use of these wonderful tools. Finally, Jean Claude David, one of the meilleurs ouvriers de France who is today the president of the Ice Cream Union in France, visited us on the farm to share the secrets to a perfect vacherin cake.

In our ice cream kitchen on the farm, we create new recipes and perfect the old ones. As we are particularly picky when it comes to the quality and taste of our ice cream, sorbet and vacherin cakes, our recipes can and have evolved over the years. In each of our ice cream flavors, you have at least 50% of our cows' milk. When choosing the other ingredients (cream, eggs, fruit, flavors...), we always look to buy locally as well as for the best in quality.


The ice cream making process

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